Top 7 Google Ranking Factors

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This is my ultimate ranking of the top 7 Google Ranking Factors that produce an effect a websites Google Search Rank, according to Ive compiled a list of the most important characteristics that Google is looking for in a character website, and how Google decides to rank websites based upon this factor.

NOTE: This blog say was originally published upon my personal blog, where it is a repost from an article I wrote just about ranking factors more or less two years ago. At the time, there were 10 ranking factors listed; however, before after that seven have been removed by Google.

1. Authority and Trust

Search rankings are based upon the quality, variety and diversity of the sites later the highest authority and trust in the search results.

Google considers websites once a high number of backlinks to be deeply trusted sources of information. The more authoritative and honorable a web page is, the forward-thinking it ranks in Google Search Results. Similarly, we can as well as look an inverse association amongst authority and trust (i.e. the more well-behaved a site, the degrade its ranking).

2. Site Structure/Content

Google is looking for websites with:

A tall level of content variety across interchange types of pages within the site. (This is known as in-depth or well-structured content)
A high number of unique pages across the site.

A tall level of content vibes across substitute types of pages within the site. fine content can be user generated (in which warfare it is known as user-created or user-generated) or it can be created by the sites author(s). The best results are achieved taking into account a website is dexterous to come up with the money for both kinds of content in order to satisfy two stand-in types of users.

Useful, approachable and well-designed navigation, architecture and gain access to mechanisms.

Avoiding duplicate content issues later than duplicate images, duplicate meta-tags and duplicate titles

acceptable page speed. Googles PageSpeed Insights tool is nimble to check if a website has been built in the same way as a quick loading era in mind for example if the site great quantity speedily without any delays.

3. Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) is the single most influential metric in Googles search ranking algorithm. It is based upon Mozs Domain Authority, which is a immersion of factors that indicates a specific web pages authority or quality. If a website has a high PA, it means that site has been built by authors who create high-quality content and follow Basic SEO best practices.

4. links and outside Links

connections from trusted resources on the web (like new websites, forums and industry publications) encourage to announce authority for Basic SEO a website. Therefore, external contacts are an important mannerism Google uses to determine the environment of a webpage. upon the extra hand, Google penalizes sites for having too many connections that have low Page Authority or poor content.

5. Outbound Links

Outbound associates are connections that affix websites together that have been conventional by other sites taking into consideration high Page Authority and high Domain Authority. These additional sites are usually webpages that allow guidance that is same to the web page on which the links appear.

6. Mobile-Friendly and nimble Design

Google is always operating to count its mobile search experience. It has declared that a mobile-friendly website is a ranking signal for mobile searches, meaning Google will rank websites progressive in its mobile search results if they are considered mobile-friendly.

7. Site Speed

Google considers site keenness to be an important ranking signal, especially for mobile searches. Google considers a quick loading readiness to be an indication of a websites completion to satisfy its users needs. In order to test the loading promptness of a website, Google uses PageSpeed Insights (which came gone the support of Gary Illyes). once you have set occurring PageSpeed Insights and have tested your site, subsequently meet the expense of feedback upon your results via Optimizely or Feedback Form.

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