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Published Chinese Book

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These books published in Chinese. and you can find contents here.

PictureChat Application Help

The main interface of the picture language application running on the iPhone is as follows:

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Introduction to Picture Language Software

To view the introduction of the picture language software, please click here.

Picture language implementation technology

Picture language application


The picture language application realizes the mutual conversion between human language and pictures. It includes two aspects:

When a person speaks, the picture language application converts speaking into picture or animation  according to the meaning of the content of the speech. For example: Say "drink water", the application will display an animated picture of drinking water.

When a picture is clicked or the camera takes a picture of an item, the application will generate corresponding language text or sound according to the content of the picture.

Picture language watch app

The real-time converted pictures of the picture language application on the mobile phone are displayed on the watch for users to quickly check. On the other hand, recently the most frequently used pictures are stored in the watch. When the user clicks on the picture, the picture is converted into language text or sound and sent to other users.

Picture language glasses application

The picture language application on the phone converts the language into a picture and displays it on the glasses. On the other hand, the pictures that people see through the glasses,  will be converted into texts and sent to the chat partner.

Intelligent Robot

Intelligent robots are used to do housework, take care of daily lifes. They can communicate with people through the pictu. Robots are divided into special-purpose and general-purpose robots.

Intelligent care center

The care center is a smart home environment with robots as the mainstay and human as the supplement. People with severe autism can manage their own living environment through picture language and live independently. It is the patient's life-long hosting living environment.

Autism rehabilitation technology + high-tech tools = hope


The combination of high-tech tools and autism rehabilitation technology will bring unprecedented hope to autistic patients.

The combination of autism rehabilitation technology and high-tech tools is a new way of rehabilitation training.

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